Countryside Landscaping Services has the equipment, expertise, and man-power to complete a wide array of landscape construction tasks. With each project we strive to offer the highest quality service. All crews are overseen by our design leaders to assure that the client is truly receiving what he/she wants. 


Planting is not as simple as digging a hole and putting a plant in it. We use high quality stock from reputable nurseries along with informed practices to help ensure a long lived and healthy landscape. 


Whether it is concrete pavers, brick, or stone we pride ourselves on creating great structures and places that will be able to stand the test of time. 


In order to guarantee a beautiful landscape in a highly unpredictable climate such as the Midwest has to offer you need a constant water supply. We provide automatic irrigation systems using high quality parts and many years of experience allowing the system to operate efficiently with minimal maintenance over the years.

Putting Greens

If you enjoy working on your short game or are looking for a fun amenity for the yard then an artificial putting green is perfect. Our trained installers will love to work with you to create an exciting putting green to suite your needs.

Water Gardening

Water is proven to be one of the most soothing materials available on earth. We specialize in being able to using water in many different ways in the landscape to help evoke a wide range of emotions.