Step 1

Call or email to receive pricing for the snow removal season. Pricing is based on driveway width and length.

(219) 987-7700

Service Description:

  • Snow removal provided for every snow that accumulates an inch or more
  • Operators will be dispatched multiple times in a heavy snow storm
  • Email will be sent out prior to each snow storm with information on the storm and our service plan
  • Snow will be cleared from driveway and placed where it does not inhibit safety or functionality
  • Shoveling in front of the garage door and the sidewalks can be added, but is not included in the base plan

Step 2

Sign up and make your one time payment for the full season of worry free winter. 

Step 3

Enjoy service November 1st - March 30th with no limits on the number of snow events. We will be there every time.

Residential Snow Removal

We offer professional grade snow removal service at an exceptional value to each of our customers. Previously, in our area, there had only been two ways to have the snow on your driveway removed. You either cleared it by hand or paid a steep price for each individual service call. However, with a SEASONAL snow removal contract, you would have your driveway cleared every snow that accumulates an inch or more. Through the use of highly efficient equipment and route density we offer a very competitive one time price for the full season of snow removal that saves you money and time. You would not have to use your shovel, snow blower, or call someone to make sure it happens.

How it works: