Our designer's love to work with water in the landscape. Water can do so many different things and can be used in a multitude of ways. Water can be used to make a relaxing and serene environment or to display force and energy. Water can be loud and block surrounding noise or it can be some soft white noise. To the furthest extreme it can be silent and still making a reflecting pool or marsh. All of these different effects can be achieved with the manipulation of the landscape. Within the water we can find beautiful fish, frogs, wetland plants, and even people in a swimming pond. Water features can also be built to attract all kinds of wildlife. The combination of these elements allows for a water feature to be the most dynamic and interesting feature on any site.

Our Water Gardening services include:

  • Water Falls
  • Streams
  • Fountains
  • Fish Ponds​
  • Biological Swimming Ponds
  • Pondless Water Features
  • Bridges
  • Wetland Plantings

Water Gardening