Lawn Irrigation Services in Northwest Indiana

Having an irrigation system for your lawn can significantly improve its health and appearance. By ensuring your lawn receives a consistent and adequate water supply, you can prevent browning and uneven growth. Here at Countryside Landscaping, we offer maintenance, repair, and irrigation system installation to both our commercial and residential customers.


Invest in the health of your lawn with a reliable irrigation system installed by our team.


Our technicians will get your system ready for use early spring and let you know if anything needs to be repaired or adjusted so you get the most out of your system for the coming season.

Backflow Testing

This test required by state law if your irrigation system is hooked up to city water. It is an important step to ensure your water is not flowing into the city water supply. This test is often paired with our Start Up service.


Winterizing your systems is extremely important. If water is left in the irrigation lines, it can freeze and cause the line to burst. Appointments usually start in late September and run through Mid-November.


Our technicians will come and troubleshoot your system to diagnose any issues and get it speedily repaired. We can work with all brands on the market.


Additions to an existing system, dripline, rust prevention system, and green feeder are all available enhancements to customize your system to your needs.

Commercial & Residential Irrigation Services